MAB Secretariat is located in Dhaka, demonstrating close working relations and invaluable partnership with the LGED regional Office. The Secretariat provides crucial support to MAB President, Co-Presidents and other governing bodies in the exercise of their leadership and duties, including through coordination and organization of annual meetings and preparation of substantive documents. The Secretariat works with its members and partners in Bangladesh to advocate for the prominence and interests of cities and local governments; foster exchanges of knowledge, promote peer-to-peer collaboration; implement policy advocacy activities, and strengthen members capabilities and expertise through capacity enhancement projects.


The Secretariat operates under the leadership of MAB Secretary General, supported by a team, both core and project staffs, who are responsible for a broad-range of MAB's work and activities throughout Bangladesh. The Secretariat's team has significantly doing their best, as resulted by the dynamism of local governments and their significance in implementing the global development agendas, stronger demand for local-level international cooperation, as well as growing need for technical and knowledge support.

Parimal Kumar Dev

Municipal Association of Bangladesh


S M Abdur Rauf
Municipal Association of Bangladesh

Md. Siraj ud Dula
Office Assistant