To include all the municipalities of Bangladesh as a family and representing as a united voice to make the local government dynamic, effective, strong and public friendly organization by ensuring democratic decentralization and good governance.


-       To ensure the civil rights to the municipal dwellers

-       To promote strong and effective democratic local self-government

-       To undertake necessary steps for making the municipalities effective by developing proper management, finance and administration. And to ensure participatory democratic management.

-       To undertake capacity building initiatives to elected representatives, officers and staffs.

-       To establish the municipalities as  corruption free institutions by creating an environment of transparency and accountability

-       To create a good relationship between dwellers, administration, national service providing organizations, government organizations, non-government organizations, donor agencies, media and municipalities and undertake various projects

-       To initiate policy reform activities and to ensure good governance by advocacy.

-       To utilize the best practices on ICT. Gather and exchange the knowledge within the country and abroad.

-       Reform and correct the circulars and policies which are conflicting to the municipalities’ interests by negotiating with national government and undertake various activities.

-       To performing as a facilitator and coordination body with the Urban Wing of the Local Government Division of the National Government of Bangladesh.

-       To generate support and resources from national and international sources in order to maintain its network and carry out programs in favor of municipalities and the association. 


 -       Decentralized cooperation (municipalities/other local governments).

-       Advocacy.

-       Capacity building and training.

-       Research and knowledge management.

-       Project development and management.